Alleged UFO Crash Site

Roswell has seen a large tourism trade develop around the UFO crash. The UFO hype first draws visitors in, and then allows Roswell to showcase other amazing attractions such as the Roswell Museum and Art Center (displaying Dr. Goddard’s work), the International UFO Museum and Research Center, and Roswell International Air Center.

The famous July 8, 1947 front cover of the Roswell Daily Record, [stated that] the Roswell Army Airfield had “captured” a flying saucer. Details within the article were taken from information released by 509th Bombardment Group intelligence officer Major Jesse Marcel.  Other named individuals in the article would not figure so prominently in the building of the case of the Roswell Incident, instead echoing names of Marcel and rancher Mac Brazel.

~Joseph T. Page II
New Mexico Space Trail

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Active: Crash date, July 4, 1947
GPS Coordinates: Coming Soon
Admission: Not open to public