McGregor Range


McGregor Range Complex contains 26 air defense missile firing sites (both static and field) which support training, annual service practice (ASP) and tactical missile firings for U.S. and allied units. Within the McGregor Range complex, there is the capability to support the extended range firings of the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). In the northern area of McGregor Range is Wilde Benton air strip. Wilde Benton is a 7,800 foot hard-packed surfaced airstrip capable of handling aircraft up to and including C-130 and C-17. There are six Nap-Of-the-Earth (NOE) helicopter training courses that are used to train pilots on low-level tactical flying under varying tactical conditions. The Cane Cholla helicopter gunnery range provides helicopter pilots the capability to conduct realistic tactical gunnery and flight training.

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Active: Since 1958
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